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Monday, November 9, 2009

Lune De Minuit by Rachelle D

There really wasn't any contest for the next item I decided to feature for my Twilight themed week. This clever and practical necklace design by Rachelle D practically wrote itself.

This necklace would be absolutely ideal for wearing to the theatre to watch New Moon! However, true Twilight fans will wear it a whole lot more than just the (5 to 100) times they go to see the movie. The copper wolf howling at the coin pearl moon is quite a lovely design even without the obvious reference to Twilight.

The necklace featured in this article (as well as some other non-Twilight items worth taking a gander at) can be found here: Lune De Minuit

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Twilight Inspired Week!

With only 12 days (long days, I might add) until New Moon comes out, the latest movie to be released in the Twilight saga, it is literally impossible not to have Cullen on the brain. I have come across quite a wide selection of Twilight-inspired handmade goods on Etsy, and many of the items are actually quite unique and stylish.

The first item I'm going to feature this week is this Twilight Christmas Card by twilighttemptations, whose entire shop is an homage to all things twilight.

I am actually going to sneakily hunt for information from my friends to see who has a Twilight obsession, so that I have an excuse to buy one of these gorgeous greeting cards. They are so stylish and creative!

The card I have featured in this article can be found here: Twilight ornament card.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peacock by Single Stone Studios

Wow, I can't believe the week is over already! I hope everyone everywhere had a fantastic Halloween. I was actually inspired by a mask I saw on Halloween, and decided to base this week's theme on it: Peacocks!

Single Stone Studio's Peacock vinyl wall decal is the perfect start to the week. I love the bold and whimsical design of the Peacock, and the way a simple decal can bring so much style to a room is really something!

The decal is available in 30 colors, and can come in matte or glossy. According to the listing, this would last 5 years outdoors and virtually FOREVER indoors. The link to this exact item on Etsy can be found here: Peacock Vinyl Decal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ruffled Cuff by Folk

All of the items I have featured so far have been reasonably priced, but this next item is really something! I stumbled upon this gorgeous 'steampunk' statement piece, and because I looked at the pictures before the price, I was really taken aback by how affordable it is.

At only $15, I don't expect this romantic ruffled cuff by Folk to go very long without being snatched up, so I am proud to have captured the pictures in my blog where I can at least look at them longingly.

I can just imagine how slimming the soft ruffles would be on my wrist! You can find the actual item here (if it's still available): Folk's Blossoming Desire

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LovMely's Pleated Black and White Headband

*UPDATE: LovMely would like to offer my readers a special discount of $5 off a purchase of $20 or more! This in addition to free domestic shipping? WOW!*

This deliciously couture looking black and white headband (also available in pure black), called 'Melissa' in LovMely's etsy store was a needle in a haystack as far as searching for pleated items.

There is certainly no shortage of handmade items where pleats are concerned, but I wanted to be discerning with my choice and spent the better part of an hour searching through choices and deciding confidently on this lovely headband.

I love the contrast and the texture, and the price is great. LovMely's hair accessories were featured at the Teen Choice Awards! She also offers free domestic shipping (a rare and treasured etsy seller quality). Her headband can be found here: Melissa Headband

Blogspot Followers

I just want to take a quick posting break from my Ruffles and Pleats week to give some advice to other Bloggers: Many of the people who follow my blogs do not have links to their blog set up on their profile. Without linking back to your blog on your profile (or better yet, having your profile set so that people can visit it and see your blog or list of blogs), others can't get to you.

If you are not completely certain that your profile links to your blog, please make sure you check it so that I can return the attention you give me. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kinies' Ruffles

I promise that all of my featured items for this Ruffles and Pleats theme week won't be purses, but I just couldn't help featuring another purse when I saw Kinies' adorable ruffled waist purse.

I love the versatility of this purse! As you can see from the pictures, you can wear it at just about any angle, and it looks like it was meant to be a part of your outfit.

The oversized ruffles are so much fun, without overdoing it. I am also loving the nice smooth shade of grey used in the fabric. Also, the price is so so surprisingly affordable considering the beauty of the design!

The item from this article can be found here: Kinies' Ruffled Waist Purse

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pleats and Ruffles Week!

Every item I feature this week is going to fall into the theme of 'pleats and ruffles'. I just love the exciting texture and femininity pleats and ruffles bring to an item.

The very first featured item this week is a pleated wristlet by Infusion. This wristlet is made with 100% undyed hemp, lined with striped cotton, and created in a pet-free, smoke-free and eco friendly studio.

Infusion's handbag (click here to check it out) is so subtly chic, and set at such a reasonable price, it really is irresistible. Infusion certainly set the bar high for this week's theme.


And now for a quick Q&A!

Q: What is Etsy?

A: Etsy (Etsy.com) is an online handmade marketplace. Imagine eBay, but every item you purchase comes directly from the person who designed and created it. Etsy also boasts a community rich in ethics and honesty (without sacrificing STYLE).

Q: What is 'Etsyzine'

A: Etsyzine is like a magazine or an ezine, but the focus is on Etsy. More specifically, the focus will be on the artists and artisans of Etsy, and their fabulous items.

Q: I am an etsy vendor and would like to be featured on your blog. How can I go about doing so?

A: The first place I will look for artists/artisans to feature will be my blog. You can comment, follow me, and/or contact me directly to be considered. My email is robbin.egg@hotmail.com.

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