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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Twilight Inspired Week!

With only 12 days (long days, I might add) until New Moon comes out, the latest movie to be released in the Twilight saga, it is literally impossible not to have Cullen on the brain. I have come across quite a wide selection of Twilight-inspired handmade goods on Etsy, and many of the items are actually quite unique and stylish.

The first item I'm going to feature this week is this Twilight Christmas Card by twilighttemptations, whose entire shop is an homage to all things twilight.

I am actually going to sneakily hunt for information from my friends to see who has a Twilight obsession, so that I have an excuse to buy one of these gorgeous greeting cards. They are so stylish and creative!

The card I have featured in this article can be found here: Twilight ornament card.


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