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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peacock by Single Stone Studios

Wow, I can't believe the week is over already! I hope everyone everywhere had a fantastic Halloween. I was actually inspired by a mask I saw on Halloween, and decided to base this week's theme on it: Peacocks!

Single Stone Studio's Peacock vinyl wall decal is the perfect start to the week. I love the bold and whimsical design of the Peacock, and the way a simple decal can bring so much style to a room is really something!

The decal is available in 30 colors, and can come in matte or glossy. According to the listing, this would last 5 years outdoors and virtually FOREVER indoors. The link to this exact item on Etsy can be found here: Peacock Vinyl Decal.


Single Stone Studios said...

Thanks so much for featuring our peacock decal. Be sure to look for it in the Jan issue of Redbook!

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